What are Logistic apps?

These are the digital solutions for the transport and logistics business to manage their fleet routes, shipment, and much information regarding the logistics. These apps can be further classified into Location Tracking, Route Optimization, Asset management and tracking, also transportation management with a variety of features.

Logistics companies are rapidly implementing new technology to increase the productivity and yield of their maneuvers. To get the most value from their unique needs they are also customizing software applications. There are numerous types of logistics apps dominant in the industry, these are some of the market places;

  • Crowd-shipping: It aids in choosing international cost-effective delivery of transportation and items.
  • Storage: It ties the party who has a space to the one who is looking for space.
  • 3 PL: It aids in subcontracting the facilities of a third-party logistics company for material handling and product distribution.
  • Freight: It aids the transporters to have the best mode to ship and online book shipments, goods, compares quotations, delivery details, compare quotations.
  • Local Delivery: It aids in joining retailers, local shoppers, and drivers to perform same-day delivery.
  • Trucking: It ties the truckers and shippers on a sole platform to reach their available trucks, location, and freight quotes.


Here we will consider some main features and integrations that are included in custom logistics apps.


Teaming up with shipping and logistics APIs allows the business to join with famous track packages, carriers, track packages, put customs details, and buy labels into shipments. To demonstrate, shipping and tracking APIs presented by Easy Post offer valued brand tracking pages, delivery dates, real-time feedback, real-time data on the data tracking, and carrier.


This will let your marketplace containing logistics handle all the crucial information within the sole platform organize customer satisfaction surveys, develop reports, and build benchmarks. ZenDesk is an innovative customer care application that delivers features like a customer-facing web interface, powerful reports and metrics, a ticketing system to get messages, requests, and a chat system, and about 100 third-party associations.


This feature will help in improving supply chain management, tracking product movement, and boosting business efficiency. Moreover, this quality will aid in the finest scheduling of goods or raw materials, analyze data, and eliminate both stock-outs and excessive inventory.


This feature will help in making the user self-dependent in keeping a track of their shipment freight and delivery in real-time. These features make you attentive in case of any problem.

To demonstrate, KeepTruckin provides numerous features including fuel tax, GPS tracking, reporting, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, log auditing, idle time tracking, messaging, etc.


Security is supreme in the logistics industry. Security solutions should be combined to make sure the protection of dealings in the marketplace. Some of the other features provided are checking of national criminal records, identity verification, global watchlist check, sharing reports with the team, criminal classification, screening status, 24/7 support, analytics and reporting, and so on. Sift Science is one example that detects frauds, spammers, scammers, etc.


Customer interaction is very crucial for managing a logistics business efficaciously. This can be done with the help of an instant messaging/chat API that will ensure customer satisfaction with appropriate chat messaging properties. TalkJS is a chat messaging tool that provides a single conversation view, email and SMS fallback, dashboard, real-time messaging, activity history, customizable design, complete conversation history, and notifications.


In conclusion, Logistics applications are significant for a business in reducing paperwork, growing accuracy, saving time, managing fleet professionally, and enhancing the capability to manage the record more operatively. The above-listed properties and integrations can make a custom logistic app that is imperative in today’s translucent and extremely digitalized world.