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We help you in simplifying your SME’s hectic operational tasks into a systematic solution that works to help your team’s day go smooth and more productive. According to Emborker’s Latest Survey Only 20% of Tech-startups get to progress and the reason is No or Unexperienced Tech Support.

Product Idea & Curation

Have a Dream Idea? Need to impress a Venture Capitalist to bring you investment? No worries, We got your back in creating Product Documentation, Feasibility Reports, Projections and everything you need ro hit the ground

Prototyping & MVP

Our phenomenally experienced & talented designers help you with bringing your dream idea into life by providing Interactive Prototypes and scalable Minimal Viable Products (MVP) at a least possible cost to get your ball rolling.

Grinding For Seed Round

Have a Dream Idea? Need to impress a Venture Capitalist to bring you investment? No worries, We got your back in creating Product Documentation, Feasibility Reports, Projections and everything you need ro hit the ground.

Infrastructure Setup

Scalable Solution is the need of the hour while retaining customers, we help you build solid grounds by providing Seamless Cloud setups and scalable configurations for your Product’s infrastructure promising zero downtime.

Product Development

Our team of experienced Product Managers working their heart off in building your next Rockstar Product helping Front-end developments, Website/Web Portals, Mobile App, Backend / Cloud Setups.

Support & Maintenance:

Learning from your Potential Customers, Rubikkube be always at your back in keeping your product up and running making everyday changes, upgrades, backup and maintenance keeping you on top of the list in retaining clientele

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Dynamically technically sound technologies with parallel task convergence quality
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Games Prime

Games Prime

Biggest digital game renting service



A Fintech App that enables to crowdfund in your Circle on a specified goal and setup personal budgeting.



Barter App.

Barlin City

Barlin City

Brandenburgische Straße DE. Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin(CA), 10997


Frequently Asked Questions

We know what we do and promise to our visitors to be clear on what's being provided. Find the FAQ's section for Q&A you may have in mind?

What can you help me with?

With whatever we can. Preparing cost analysis, establishing team roles, creating roadmaps. Defining business goals, key business values, target users, main features, prioritising. We can assist you with creating user personas, mock-ups, user stories, time frame, establishing project status and preparing project estimation. We'll be happy to outline project specification, prepare wireframes, details concerning integrations with external services, API documentation, required features list.

How do I create a product with you?

If you have an idea contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone. We'll meet and talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much info about your idea as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation.

How do you guarantee product quality?

We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

Why should I choose you and not hire my own software development team?

Hiring your own software developers can be a really smart choice, however, recruitment process is time-consuming and the costs of keeping an in-house programming team are very high. You'll probably need to employ your own software engineers sooner or later but hiring us can help you save a lot of money and time (which is basically the same in a business project)

What technology do you use?

For back-end we use Python, Django and Node.js. For front-end we use Angular.js, and React.js. For mobile we use Kotlin and Swift and for Cloud Infrastructure we use Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure

What happens after you finish my product development?

Hopefully the product is exactly what you dreamed of 🙂 But apart from delivering a finished product, we are happy to provide you with technical support and app maintenance should you need it. After all, we know our work inside out. Of course if you want to maintain the app by yourself the source code and all technical data is at your disposal, but even in that case, feel free to contact us if you need any help.


Mobile Apps UI/UX


Branding Web Apps

DaaS Disrupt

Mobile Apps UI/UX

Dirilis Group



Branding Web Apps


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Great Product Requires Great Technologies

  • Swift


  • Kotlin


  • Flutter


  • Vue.Js


  • React


  • Angular


  • Node.JS


  • Laravel


  • Nest.Js


  • Python


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

  • Docker


  • MongoDB


  • PostgreSQL


  • MariaDB


  • MySQL